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Weekly Ramblings [2] – 23 July 2011

Well, the weekly ramblings aren’t really coming weekly, but that’s okay.

Since I last wrote – which was about two weeks ago – not much has happened. I completed two makeup tutorials, which you can check out below. So, this weekend/next week, my goal is to pop out a few more wig reviews, a requested “What’s In Your Purse/Makeup Bag?” video, and a couple more makeup tutorials. Do you have any ideas for the tutorials? I don’t know what color direction to go in, since my everyday makeup has been so dull recently. I was mulling over an Amy Winehouse tribute tutorial earlier today, but I don’t know …

In the past week, I also joined Beautylish, which I heard about through the ultrafabulous Tamara, a.k.a. BeautyThesis. (Be sure to check out her site and her YouTube channel.) I’m really feeling the Facebook-meets-beautydom feel of the site, and I can’t wait to get a little time to myself so I can really beef up my page and do more product reviews and such.

Last but not least, this is my most exciting manicure since I last posted. I was inspired by the neon brights of highlighters. (The other hand was all pink with a neon yellow pointer.)