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Where are the product pics?

If you follow my YouTube channel, you know that my makeup tutorials used to begin with a photo of the main products I used. You might also have noticed that my recent tutorials have not. Well, the reason is that it’s not fun anymore.

This is one of the dirty little secrets of beauty blogging/vlogging/tutorialing/hauling. There are times when it just gets un-fun. And if it’s not fun, why do it? Now, I’m talking about a beauty-er like myself–someone who is not financially invested in it. I’m not a YouTube partner; I have only once received products from a company; I don’t blog/vlog regularly enough to be asked to host giveaways. So, my stake is entirely personal. The upside is that when I don’t feel like doing it, I really don’t have to. When I can’t find inspiration, it’s okay.

And the early product pics were all about inspiration and enthusiasm. Now, not so much. I like looking back on the product photos, though. I think some of them were especially appealing. (Others, not so much.) As a tribute to a bygone mini era of creativity, I present this slideshow:

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Nancy Pelosi Speaks the Truth :)

In an interview appearing in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and the most (politically) powerful woman in the United States, gives these wonderful words:

The end part of it is, fashion and all that it implies — hair, makeup — is an art form. If you look organized and well presented, people think that you’re organized in your mind and you take pride in yourself. And besides, it’s fun.

Change It All!

At this time of year, my makeup is in serious need of a lift. But I have begun to realize that I have more than enough makeup. I probably passed the ‘enough’ stage a couple months ago, as a matter of fact. So a springtime makeover — for me, at least — will have little to do with new products.

Instead, I have decided to change how I see the products that I already have. I started with my HiP eyeshadow duos. Previously, I had them arranged by duo in pencil tins (check out my HiP depotting video for more info).

I could keep track of which shadows were originally packaged together, but that arrangement had little utility aside from allowing me to easily identify duo names when I made tutorials. I knew that I had a lot of wonderful colors in these two tins, but their arrangement didn’t allow me to see their true potential.

But now I do see that potential because I’ve separated the neutrals from the colors and arranged all the shadows chromatically.


In addition to revamping my HiP palettes, I left behind my old Caboodles traincase in favor of a couple plastic drawer sets I picked up from Target. The traincase will still go with me on long trips, but the drawer units are more convenient for at-home use.

Fafi Fever

From Specktra to YouTube, the greatest excitement of Winter-Spring 2008 has been MAC’s Fafi collection. Inspired by the artwork of French graffiti artist Fafi, the collection’s packaging is covered in a psychedelically colored trio of Fafinettes. According to promotional materials, “a Fafi girl is a nymphette with a Ph.D. in passion … an adventuress with a very animated love life.”

To please the MAC fanatic, the Fafinettes adorn a number of limited edition products, including a t-shirt, a scarf, variously sized plastic makeup bags, and a large plastic tote. But the non-makeup centerpiece of the collection is the Fafinette dolls, which more closely resemble action figures than dolls. MAC entreats us to enjoy and emulate the Fafinettes’ “pouting on compacts” and “preening on packaging,” insisting that, while a Fafi girl is defined by her boisterous sexuality, she is undeniably “cute.” But what should we make of these preening and pouting nymphomaniacal figurines and the collection they represent? What, precisely, is the action being sold here?

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