Weekly Ramblings [3] – 03 August 2011

So, where are those videos I was going to make? Hmmm.

They are still marinating in my brain, apparently. Do not fear, though. Break time is here and I am setting up my vanity space for marathon video making. Now all I need to do is get a new set of rechargeable batteries for my best video camera. (Someone, who shall remain nameless, threw my others out because “they looked like regular batteries.”) I could use my Bloggie, but the color and quality shooting indoors is never good enough for makeup tutorials. (I know this because I shot a beaut-tastic peachy eye tutorial that I had to just delete because you couldn’t tell the peach from ivory.) Besides, editing with the MP4s is a pain in the tuchus because I don’t have a program on my oldster computer that can handle MP4s–which means I’d have to use JayCut, which can be timeconsuming what with all the uploading, editing, and downloading.

Anyway, the bottom line is this: I’ve done nothing yet, but I have brilliant plans for doing lots in the coming days.