Change It All!

At this time of year, my makeup is in serious need of a lift. But I have begun to realize that I have more than enough makeup. I probably passed the ‘enough’ stage a couple months ago, as a matter of fact. So a springtime makeover — for me, at least — will have little to do with new products.

Instead, I have decided to change how I see the products that I already have. I started with my HiP eyeshadow duos. Previously, I had them arranged by duo in pencil tins (check out my HiP depotting video for more info).

I could keep track of which shadows were originally packaged together, but that arrangement had little utility aside from allowing me to easily identify duo names when I made tutorials. I knew that I had a lot of wonderful colors in these two tins, but their arrangement didn’t allow me to see their true potential.

But now I do see that potential because I’ve separated the neutrals from the colors and arranged all the shadows chromatically.


In addition to revamping my HiP palettes, I left behind my old Caboodles traincase in favor of a couple plastic drawer sets I picked up from Target. The traincase will still go with me on long trips, but the drawer units are more convenient for at-home use.