Fafi Fever

From Specktra to YouTube, the greatest excitement of Winter-Spring 2008 has been MAC’s Fafi collection. Inspired by the artwork of French graffiti artist Fafi, the collection’s packaging is covered in a psychedelically colored trio of Fafinettes. According to promotional materials, “a Fafi girl is a nymphette with a Ph.D. in passion … an adventuress with a very animated love life.”

To please the MAC fanatic, the Fafinettes adorn a number of limited edition products, including a t-shirt, a scarf, variously sized plastic makeup bags, and a large plastic tote. But the non-makeup centerpiece of the collection is the Fafinette dolls, which more closely resemble action figures than dolls. MAC entreats us to enjoy and emulate the Fafinettes’ “pouting on compacts” and “preening on packaging,” insisting that, while a Fafi girl is defined by her boisterous sexuality, she is undeniably “cute.” But what should we make of these preening and pouting nymphomaniacal figurines and the collection they represent? What, precisely, is the action being sold here?

© 2008, EmsyJay

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  1. Unfortunately the collection did not work for me. I was excited when i placed my order online and completely disappointed when i return all the items!

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