Welcome to EmsyJay’s New Blog!

Hello, all my beautiful people! Please come back soon for more fabulous beauty content.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to EmsyJay’s New Blog!”

  1. Hello … I watched ur vid on depotting HIP and it was right on time! Thanks for sharing (oh I love the tin idea!) Ok here is a request I have several Covergirl e/s quads and I’m wondering if you can show me how I can depot those if at all possible! I’d love to condense all the shadows I have but I don’t know how and I don’t want to damage them either … PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks much in advance!

  2. Emsyjay,

    Thanks for starting a blog! I watch your youtube vids religiously and am always trying to recreate your looks – haven’t been successful yet, but still trying!

    Keep the vids and blog posts coming!!!

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